Why you need a Wedding Budget Part 2?


I have started this series to showcase the need for Wedding Budgets and why they are important. I have asked others in the industry to talk about budgets as it releates to their field and today we have Kayla over at DesignsbyKayla talking about stationery budgets and the things you may forget to include so check it all about below. Thank again Kayla.


First off, I want to take a little space to say thank you to Shieka. I am so passionate about educating couples on everything wedding and events, and it is truly a pleasure to guest blog and help as many people as I can.


Second, if you’re reading this, most likely, you’re engaged (CONGRATULATIONS!). I hope this helps you in anyway for planning and budgeting your wedding. The first thing you need to do (and listen up, because this is important) is set a budget. Have a budget for everything. Come up with an overarching amount you are wanting to spend on your wedding, then figure out what parts of your wedding are the most important.


That’s where I come in. I truly hope that your wedding invitations and stationery are one of the top categories on your list. Think about it, it is your guests’ very first impression of your wedding. It sets the theme, mood, dress code (if there is one), formality and it should show your personality.


There are a few parts of wedding stationery that often is overlooked until the couple realizes they desperately need it and have to go above their budget to fit in.


  1. Postage

This is so VITAL. One thing to keep in mind: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remember to budget your outside postage to send everything off, but with your invitations, if you have RSVPs, also remember to budget for the postage on that envelope. If you do not put postage on the RSVP envelope, the likelihood of someone returning it is so slim. As of June, the cost for basic postage is 47 cents.


Keep in mind that envelopes that are over an ounce or are oddly shaped (yes, this includes square envelopes), have a higher postage rate. What I advise couples to do before buying or putting on any postage is weighing it. You can also take it into USPS and they will weigh it for you and let you know how much postage will be. As a stationer, I more often than not purchase all of the postage and can tell before even getting started the cost for postage based on what is going to be in the invitation.


  1. Thank-You Cards

There’s only one sentence that will get my point across. If guests are spending their time and money to come to your wedding or send you a gift, DO NOT, DO NOT forget to send them a thank-you card (so don’t forget to budget for it, too).


  1. Day-Of Stationery

Imagine your wedding day. What do you see? Do you see a dessert table or buffet that needs signs to say what everything is? Do you need a seating chart, placecards and table numbers? Do you need signage for your guest book or gift table? What about an “In Memory Of” sign framed for your loved ones?


Also, make sure you are budgeting for the obvious stationery needs - save the dates and wedding invitations with RSVPs.


With that, make sure to have the correct count of invitations needed. Remember that the amount of guests rarely adds to how many invitations you need. For example, those in families or couples will only need one invitation, however they may equal up to 5 or 6 or even 7 guests. Make sure you also account for an extra 15 prints of everything in case you accidentally leave someone out, and also have an extra as a keepsake and to get photographed on your wedding day!

Check out some of Kayla's great designs below and go check out her work. You can find her on: