Why You Need a Wedding Budget Part 3?

I know I have talked about the importance of budgets and today I am back with another addition to the series. I got Natalie over at Natalie Greagor Bridal to talk about hair and makeup budgets today. Check out her guest post below and make sure to leave comments.

It’s only for one day, right? How many times have you heard that when weddings are the topic? Planning a wedding can be a fun yet draining task. It seems as if budgets go out the window for some couples who are adamant about getting exactly what they want for their big day. Weddings are amazing, sacred events that people have to share with their loved ones. Most people want to look their best, act their best, and present the best experience to their mate, both sides of their families, and all attendees. There are so many things to think about when it comes to budgeting for a wedding. The most popular items to budget for are venues, food and drinks, photography (a high quality, professional photographer that is), decor, and possibly attire. While all of these items are necessary, bridal beauty budgets are equally important and here’s why:


Brides are a part of the décor

Most brides dream of their dream wedding with beautiful decor and an amazing cake, in a breath-taking venue. Even if they can’t afford their dream wedding, the thoughts are still there. Many brides have a certain vision of how they want the reception area, their cake, and floral designs to be decorated after looking in numerous magazines, on numerous Pinterest accounts and on numerous websites. I haven’t worked with a bride who didn’t have an idea about any of these things. Having a cohesive style for decor is extremely important, but many brides forget that they are a part of the decor. They are the main attraction!


Some brides don’t wear makeup on a daily basis so they don’t think about what the current rates are to hire freelance artists. One thing I’ve noticed with quite a few brides who don’t go to the salon frequently or get their makeup done often is that they don’t consider a bridal budget for beauty. They know they’ll need their hair, makeup, and nails done. They just don’t plan for it. It’s on the to-do list, but not priority. A nice bridal style is extremely important to compliment all the other decor and wedding attire in a wedding. A flawless makeup application will be captured by many and remembered for years to come. Remember, nothing or no one can look better than the bride on her wedding day! Bridal beauty is complementary to the decor of the wedding because the bride is the main centerpiece of her wedding.

Photo by Vanjad.com // Hair: Natalie Greagor Bridal

Provides opportunity to hire favorite artists

I always book last minute brides each month. Many wait the last minute to take care of their beauty needs. Some are either in town and don’t know anyone. Or, they couldn’t find anything who could execute the look they want. There were a number of reasons why they were booking last minute. But, some of the brides are not prepared for all of the fees that are necessary to make their wedding day a success.


Bridal beauty budgets help you prepare to pay for your favorite artists. Planning ahead is key so there are no surprises! Most professional artists require deposits to book weddings. Bridal beauty fees include a deposit, possibly a trial run, travel fees, parking fees, time, and talent. Get an ideal amount of what you’ll be paying to any hair, makeup, skin or nail artist ahead of time. Pay your deposits, and if possible, break your payments into increments that are feasible for you. Planning ahead will save you headache and panic!


Please note: Some artists will require full payment upfront. Inquire and prepare to book the artist ahead of time.


Budgets affect lifetime memories

I must admit. I am an advocate for no hair, makeup, and photography budget when it comes to weddings. However, I do understand that other areas of a wedding are needed, and are more important, in order to make it successful. Everyone is not rich and if they were, they’d probably choose to not splurge on hair and/or makeup for a wedding. I get that. But, I want to raise one final point. Bridal beauty is interrelated with photography. In fact, a bridal beauty budget should be included with the photography budget because professional photographers will capture all angles, highlights, blemishes, or flaws, if brides are not at their best on their big day.


Many people overlook this point. A bride’s look and every emotion will be captured by professional photographers on their big day. Therefore, hiring the best artists is key. When I say “best”, I mean the best artist for the bride’s personality, style, and budget. I don’t mean the most expensive artist. Hiring the best artist means hiring a knowledgeable artist who knows skin and uses the right products for photographer and teary-eyed moments.

Photo Credit: David Loi Studio // Hair by Natalie Greagor Bridal // Makeup by Rhonda Collins


Lack of budget for beauty could affect the outcome of an event. If there is no beauty budget, brides risk the chance of having mediocre pictures after their wedding. The memories will last forever, but their photos will last a long time as well. A bride’s wisest choice is to make sure she looks her best on her wedding day. Creating a budget for beauty is a necessity to complement the decor, hire dream artists, and to create a happy outcome that will last for many years to come!



Natalie Greagor, a Dallas, Texas native, is an on-location bridal beauty freelancer who services brides and their bridal party anywhere in the world with hair and makeup services. With 10 years of styling experience, she takes pride in helping open-minded and flexible brides with their desired beauty style as well as successfully executing their look for their big day!




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