Why Budgets are Important

Why budgets are important? Doctor's Travel

I know you hear the word budget all the time but do you really know why you should have one?  When it comes to planning a destination wedding or even honeymoon planning one of the first questions I ask my clients is what is your budget? Budgets are important as they help you determine what is most important to you and what you must have for your big day. I like to say a budget starts you with a total then you can break it down into what is most important to you. I like to tell people once you have a budget then create a two lists. The first list is everything you want to have for your wedding and the second is your must have list. You can then go from there and narrow it done. I wanted to also get input from some other wedding pros so I reached out to Madeline over at Madeline's Weddings & Events to get her take on budgeting and she was nice enough to share her blog post with me. Check it out here and go check out her blog for lots of wedding planning tips and inspiration. I am also working on creating budget worksheets that will be up for sale too to help make your budget planning easier. Check out a sneak peek of it below.