Destination Wedding Travel Tips


As destination weddings are becoming more and more popular the chances that you will have a family or friend having one and therefore attending will increase so I’m sharing some things you should consider when traveling.

Check for a Wedding Website

There are a lot of factors and planning that go into a destination wedding and making sure all guests and travelers have all the information they need. Couples now are creating wedding websites that will list all the information you are looking for like the hotel they may have reserved for everyone,the nearest airport to the hotel, and they may list information about tours or excursions they have lined up. I always recommend people check this information our first before booking their details. Oftentimes the wedding couple may have rooms blocked out for their guests at special rates.

Do Your Research

Even though couples may have blocked out rooms do your research? Do you have kids? If so make sure the location that was picked is kid friendly? On the opposite end if you don’t have kids and they have picked a kid friendly location then look into other accommodations. When you book your flight see how close the nearest airport is to where you are staying. You don’t want to fly in to a location and then have a really long drive in. When you are booking your trip also look into seeing if you can book your transfers from the airport to the location so you don’t have to worry about it when you land.

Prepare to have fun

Once you have checked out if the couple has any activities planned for the wedding guests you can decide what you want to do. People normally travel to these weddings a few days early so they can have time to relax and do somethings they want to do. I always tell people to see what some of the local sights are and get out and enjoy them. You are in a place you may have never been too so why not explore it and see what it has to offer. Go check out some of the local shops and places to eat. Check with the concierge at the front desk of where the locals go to hang out and see what they recommend. You really can make this vacation a mini trip for you also.

I hope you enjoyed my quick tips about traveling for a destination wedding and if you have any other questions feel free to leave me a comment to ask anything. I would love it if you share this with anyone you know that may be traveling for a destination wedding trip soon.