5 Reasons for A Destination Wedding


5 Reasons for a Destination Wedding


There are so many reasons why Destination Weddings are becoming so popular so I figured now was a perfect time to talk about them. I got married 12 years ago so I have to say this wasn’t even on my radar at the time but if I was getting married now I would definitely have looked into them.

Destination Weddings are Easy to Plan

When you plan a destination wedding you have an onsite coordinator at the resort you are getting married at that does all the work for you. Some resorts have prepackaged themes so if you aren’t sure on what type of wedding you want you can chose from the ones they have available. I am also along to make sure you get all your questions answered and to help with whatever may be needed. You basically have to show up a few days early and fill out some forms and you are good to go.

Cost Effective

If you have  a small wedding then a destination wedding is right for you. For an example a  couple can fly to an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica, get married, and stay for a deluxe week long honeymoon for a few thousand dollars, including lodging, meals, drinks, and airfare. When you compare that do a traditional wedding the cost is way better on a destination wedding.

Save on your Honeymoon

There are tons of resorts that offer couples the chance to stay after the wedding and enjoy their honeymoon at a reduced rate. The resorts will also have special packages for the honeymooners too like special private candlelight dinners, late checkouts and other perks. One of the main resorts that does this is Sandals and their WeddingMoons concept. They even have the Honeymoon Hop where you can check out different Sandals Resorts.

You can have a mini family reunion

Think about it when else may you have your family and friends in one place with such a beautiful location. If you pick a family friendly resort then the kids in the family can have fun too. You can schedule excursions so everyone gets to experience things around the area and you can have tons of fun.

Your Wedding will be Memorable

Your wedding will probably go down as one of the best ever with your family and friends. There may be other weddings they go to but they will remember yours just because of the location. You can also personalize things to make it all about you and your patner. You can think abut adding in some of the local flavor too.


Check out some pictures below of one of my favorite wedding resorts which is Karmisa Resorts